GSDesktop requires external applications to listen on hotkeys because of limitations in AIR. They operate using the External Player Control API Docs.

Instructions for installing and using the GSDesktop Helper apps as well as how to enable Grooveshark to listen for commands:

GSDesktop Helper Applications

Published by Grooveshark as official GSDesktop hotkey applications.

Download the Windows Application.

Download the Mac Application.

Download the Linux Application

Global Hotkeys

Hotkey Action Reason
Ctrl+. (Ctrl + Period) Plays next song On US Keyboards, a > is on the same key and represents next.
Ctrl+, (Ctrl + Comma) Plays prev song On US Keyboards, a < is on the same key and represents prev.
Ctrl+= (Ctrl + Equals) Toggles Play/Pause = is a pause symbol fallen over.
Ctrl+` (Ctrl + Backquote) Toggles Shuffle On US Keyboards, a ~ is on the same key and represents shuffle.
Ctrl+/ (Ctrl + F Slash) Displays song info On US Keyboards, a ? is on the same key and represents info.
Ctrl+' (Ctrl + Single quote) Favorites song We needed a key near the rest. Ctrl+3 wouldn't work with Mac.
Ctrl+Alt+PgUp Increases volume Page Up the volume? Ctrl+PgUp is taken by "move to beginning of doc" on Win.
Ctrl+Alt+PgDn Decreases volume Page Down the volume? Ctrl+PgUp is taken by "move to end of doc" on Win.

Media Hotkeys

Hotkey Action
Play/Pause Toggles play/pause
Next Play next song
Previous Play prev song
Stop Stop playback and song
Launch Music Launches/Shows GSDesktop
Mute Mutes GSDesktop
Volume Up Nothing. Handled by OS.
Volume Down Nothing. Handled by OS.


Both application have the same basic context options. The only exception is Check Update / Get Update on Windows.

  • Show Grooveshark
    • Displays GSDesktop if it is running
    • Starts GSDesktop if it is not running
    • Windows: This will only be displayed if GSDesktop is installed in the default location under Program Files.
  • Start With Windows / Start On Login
    • Triggers the GSDesktop Helper to start on boot.
    • This is recommended.
    • Windows: This will add a key to the user's registry. If the app is moved, the location will update.
  • Enable Media Keys
    • If enabled, the media keys defined above will work.
    • Default is on.
  • Enable Global Keys
    • If enabled, the global keys defined above will work.
    • Default is on.
  • About
    • Displays a dialog about the app and the hotkeys.
  • Quit/Exit
    • Exits the application

  • Check Update / Get Update (Windows Only)
    • Check Update checks for the latest version.
    • This is automatically run on the start of the app.
    • If a new update is found, the menu option is changed to Get Update.
      • If selected, it will close the app and open your default browser with the URL for the newest version.

Windows Version

Developed by [James Hartig] using Autohotkey. Options can be viewed by right-clicking on the tray icon. User is notified of updates via tooltip and can manually update.

Currently the hotkeySettings.ini file contains the Scan Codes for Autohotkey. This was a workaround for Virtual Codes not working with PgUp and PgDn and will be modified in later versions.

The hotkeySettings.ini file can be found by browsing to your %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\ folder and looking for a subfolder that contains the phrase "GroovesharkDesktop" (followed by a bunch of funky characters). On my computer, for example, the folder is called "GroovesharkDesktop.7F9BF17D6D9CB2159C78A6A6AB076EA0B1E0497C.1"

Inside the GroovesharkDesktop folder, there's a folder called "Local Store", and inside of that, you can find the hotkeySettings.ini file, which is easily editable by notepad or any other text editor.

The [CustomHotkeys] section of the .ini file uses keyboard scan codes to assign different hotkeys to actions. If you want to change which keys on your keyboard perform different actions, you can find more information about keyboard scan codes here:

Mac Version

Developed by [Terin Stock] . Options can be viewed by clicking on the tray icon. Application automatically updates.

Coming soon

  • UI for changing the default hotkeys.
  • Windows: UI for changing the default location of the GroovesharkDesktop.exe
  • Support for radio, smile and frown keys.
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